Market knowledge, branch expertise and network count

EurAsiaGrowth business developers dedicate their expertise and network to expand your business in Europe and Asia.


Both regions provide attractive growth opportunities for those who consider the different business environment and manage the complexity.


All our team members are locals or permanently based in the target market and each one has more than a decade experience in successful internationalization of companies from various branches.


Our strengths are the ability to assess the potential market opportunity, provide input for strategic alternatives and execute the practical steps together with your team members to achieve the agreed targets.


The close cooperation with the client staff in all work phases enables the company to continue the process after the project has ended.


We know our limits. Whenever necessary we integrate trusted local service providers as e.g. law and tax experts, branch specialists, PR agencies to safeguard the high-end implementation within given time and cost limits.

The supervision and coordination of subcontracted services are part of our tailor-made business development packages.


Over the years we were able to gain the trust of industry leaders, business associations and public authorities. Also SMEs can afford our services due to our modular price calculation model.



Our mission is to enable profitable business interaction between companies in East and West and strengthen the cooperation between the regions.



Our vision is affordable access to comprehensive, top quality business services for all size of companies but mainly for SME.



Our core values are reliability, transparency and respecting different cultures.


Core Team

Dietmar Grumbach

Founder, CEO

Mobile: +49 151 24056260



Dietmar founded EurAsiaGrowth to utilize his more than

30 years of experience in internationalization of SMEs in both regions. He worked in leading manager positions for technology companies as Siemens, Hoffmann-La Roche, Kone Instruments and knows how to perform in new markets.  


He is an expert in building of the sales and business infrastructure, interims management and controlling. He likes networking and knows how to build and maintain high level contacts outside the typical SoMe pathways.  


As leisure activity he enjoys to discover new cultures

and the nature together with his wife Christine and the dog Moritz.

Christine Grumbach

Senior Business Developer, CMC

Mobile: +49 171 8893000



Christine is an expert on international business development especially health technology and services, medical tourism. During the last few years she focused in cross-industry projects in different business cultures.


She loves to explore new pathways to the markets and follow them together with her clients. Christine maintains a close meshed network to external business specialists in various countries, mainly in Europe and Asia.


Christine is often appointed when the business case is quite complex. Her clients like the structured way of working and her ability to perform in various roles during a project. When not working she is enjoying the family live, sports in the nature and relaxing with a good cup of Chinese jasmin tea.   





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