Business development is more than consulting...


When we talk about successful business development for a new target market then we mean the customized cycle of research, planning, implementation and controlling activities. 


We see our role in providing you the local knowledge and hands-on support to build the necessary business infrastructure for your profitable growth. 


All our services are tailored to your needs and resources. During the cooperation we work as your Personal Business Development Manager.       


Our competitive pricing combines a fixed fee based on the monthly time consumption for your company and a success component.


Most of our clients are SMEs with a strong need to balance global and local needs. Flexibility to change direction and instant delivery are key factors to compete effectively in global markets. 



Our branches

  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Consumer Goods
  • Logistics
  • Food
  • Machinery
  • Information Technology
  • Services


Solid planning as a first step to international success


In most of the cases the success strategy from the home market needs some adjustments for the new business environment. Realistic data and market know how are prerequisites to set the right targets and allocate adequate resources. We noticed that often the time and trusted information sources in new markets or sectors are the bottlenecks. With our knowledge and extensive network we will close these gaps.


  • Industrial market research
  • Market entry/expansion plan
  • Business model adaption
  • Sales and marketing channel design
  • Business infrastructure in the new market
  • Steering and control measures


Industrial Market Research

Plenty of market studies are available in the market, but in most of the cases they are not matching with your offering or some crucial questions are not answered. We identify your individual information need and deliver the answers directly from business insiders.


Market entry/expansion plan

Markets are different and changing. Often small adjustments of an existing roadmap make the difference. Our tool set allows to select the most effective path to your future clients.


Business model adaption

There are various ways to earn money. We propose alternative value chain settings and you choose the most beneficial one. Before significant investments are done we recommend  performing an acceptance test.


Sales and marketing channel design

The appropriate value chains to your target clients may request different partners. Together with you we develop a search profile, identify suitable candidates and coordinate the contracting process.


We provide hands-on support in all phases to establish a solid business infrastructure in the target market. A transparent project plan with milestones enables you to keep control and steer your own resources properly. All modules use a proven methodology, but they are always tailored to your business needs and budget.


Training and Coaching


It is essential that your team members become an active part of the growth process from the beginning. The first steps in a new business environment are the most critical ones. We safeguard that they perform. Training-on-the-job guarantees a smooth knowledge and service transfer between your company and your future clients. 


  • Sales training 
  • Cross-cultural trainings
  • Team trainings according your POI
  • Guided networking with direct support and feedback discussions
  • Post merger coaching
  • Exhibition staff training


The courses are partly provided in cooperation with external specialists depending on the requested topic. 


Hands-on business services - scalable and timely delivered


Execution of the business strategy is our key delivery. We choose and integrate the best external service providers to build the ideal business infrastructure for you.


We take care on the management and coordination of the different activities and provide the following core services:


  • Acceptance tests for your offering, key messages and business model
  • Supplier/Distributor search
  • Project Management
  • Networking with institutions and opinion leaders
  • Start-up support
  • Business delegations


Local specialists typically support the following services:

  • Promotion campaigns
  • Exhibition services
  • Secretarial / Relocation services
  • Corporate Financing
  • Legal advices / Accounting services
  • Recruiting









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